a.    All team members should be exclusively students of a higher education institution (BSc and MSc students).

b.    Teams shall be composed of groups of a minimum of 3 students, up to a maximum of 5.

c.    One of the members will assume the role of  Team Leader as the point of contact with the organizing committee.


a.    Applications made after 23:59 GMT of the 7th of February, 2020 will not be accepted.

b.    The application will only be considered as valid after the organization receives the registration form correctly filled out and all the required documents.

c.    Teams will be contacted  on a first-come-first-served basis via e-mail to confirm valid registration. 

d.    Applications become effective with the payment of the Participation Fee.

e.    Applications are limited to fit logistics and organization constraints and deadline.

Participation Fee

a.    Every team must make a bank transfer in the base amount of 75€ to participate.

b.    Every non-EUROAVIA member inside the team shall pay an additional 40€ fee.

c.    Selected teams will proceed to the second phase of the event at no further cost. Acommodations, meals and transport will be provided. Participants will only need to buy their own flight transportation to and from Terrassa.

d.    The transfer deadline, participation fee confirmation and bank data details will be sent by email.

Cancellation Policy

No reimbursement will be provided upon cancellation or retirement.


a.    Team members whose projects score above 60% in their reports will receive a certificate testifying for their participation and that their project is successful according to the Airbus Sloshing Workshop Competition Rules.  

b.    The 5 teams with the highest score will proceed to the physical round (Phase 2) of the competition, in the University of Terrassa, and receive an additional certificate for outstanding performance.

Applications closed