The Airbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop 2020 is a competition in which teams are tasked to do a design of a rocket that incorporates mechanisms to control the dynamic forces introduced by the movement of water stored within an unpressurized tank. This challenge is designed to simulate the conditions experienced by real-world aerospace vehicles containing liquid propellant

Competition Rounds

The competition will be formed of two rounds or phases:

•    Phase 1 – Rocket Design: Teams should develop a design report of their rockets documented with their calculations, simulations and theoretical result for the prototype.

•    Phase 2 – Rocket workshop and Mission: The 5 teams with the highest score will be invited to attend a weeklong workshop in Terrassa (Spain) where they will have the chance to build their designs and test it.

Teams must submit the report before 19th April 2020

The finalist teams will be announced by the end of April / 1st of May. The physical competition will take place between 26th July – 1st August.


 The success of the mission shall be assessed based on the following criteria:

•    Distance travelled – measured from the start point for the first flight and landing point from the previous flight for subsequent flights. A greater distance travelled by the vehicle will be awarded more points. Points will be deducted for landing outside of the designated flying area. Details of the flying area will be provided at a later date.

•    Time of flight – measured from the point of take-off. Maintaining a sustained, controlled descent will be awarded extra points.

•    Sloshing mass carried – measured at the end of a mission. An efficient design will be able to carry a large payload for a given take-off mass. Loss of all payload during a flight will result in scoring zero for that flight.

•    Turnaround time – teams will be given 5 minutes to set up and launch their rocket from getting to the position where the vehicle lands to launching again (this is to simulate the fast turnaround times of civil aircraft; any delays result in severe points penalties).


Competition Rules

Detailed information regarding the Mission, Technical Requirements (launch and control mechanisms, materials and manufacturing, etc.) and the Competition Marking can be found in the following official document.

Sloshing Rocket Workshop 2019 – Competition Rules