Welcome to the 2021 ASRW Edition!

The winners of the 2021 edition of the AIRBUS Sloshing Rocket Workshop were Rocket Buddies from the University of Beira Interior in Portugal! In the image below you can find the classification of the four teams who achieved the final of the competition.

17 teams participated in the first online edition of the AIRBUS Sloshing Rocket Workshop: 

Team name Affiliation Members
H2ecO AS Oostende 4
Rocket Buddies AS Covilhã 5
METU NCC Raeson AS Ankara 3
ESE Team AS Pisa 3
BDN-E AS Valencia 4
Team ROCKIT AS Bremen 5
Beovia AS Beograd 5
Neptunus AS Forlí-Bologna 5
Bremen Sloshing Rocketry AS Bremen 5
BEZA Rocketry Team AS Ankara 4
We Science AS Ankara 5
Bannermen AM LPU 5
RoDAM AS Ankara 4
All hands on deck AS Rzeszow 5
Peregrine AM LPU 5
Igneous-5 AM LPU 5
AeroCrusaders AM LPU 5