About the Workshop

The Airbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop is a design competition organised by EUROAVIA, the European Association of Aerospace Students, and Airbus, a global leader in the aerospace field.

Teams will be required to design, build and fly a low-cost reusable rocket which is destabilised by the movement of water stored within an unpressurised tank.

ArianeGroup will support the competition during the evaluation of the submitted design.

Are you ready to lift off ?

Airbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop Steps


The ultimate aerospace student experience:
Webinar lessons by industry professionals will deliver cutting edge knowledge in rocket design and sloshing, directly to your personal computer!
Put your knowledge to use immediately: design a rocket and control mechanism, submit a report and receive immediate Industry feedback!
Teams with the best five reports will be invited to Terrassa, Spain, to physically assemble their Rocket and compete during a full week in summer!


The Airbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop is divided into two phases.
Phase 1

During this period, teams are tasked with designing their rockets and submitting a detailed report for evaluation.

Phase 2

Teams with the five best reports will seek victory by assembling, testing and launching their rockets in this hands-on experience!

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