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Airbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop



The Space Economy Academy was awarded the Best Educational Institution in the Space Sector by Galileo Masters in 2021. With multiple partners, like the European Space Agency with the BIC program and EUROAVIA, and listed in the European Commission register, it embraces the modern model of education, which is delivered 100% online, enhancing space education accessibility to anyone in the world, with the objective of empowering the Space Leaders of tomorrow. Based on a new innovative method, the Space Economy Academy´s method improves the traditional education approach, with the introduction of top Lecturers directly from the Space Industry and Forbes list makers. The lectures bring direct experience into the classes: the case method is much more impactful and it brings an enormous added value to the education of the students. 

The Academy offers pre-recorded courses, allowing an increased flexibility for the students that can make use of self-paced education. At the end of the course , students receive a Certificate of Completion. Students are exposed to a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business world. They join an international community of lecturers and peers, with the possibility of establishing an important network of connections, potential Business partners that will enrich one’s life personally and professionally.

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