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Airbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop

Past editions

Click below to see the past editions of the Airbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop!

  • Participants: 15 teams
  • Final in Terrassa, Spain from the 17th to the 23rd of July 2022 
  • Team Winner: Beoavia

  • Final ranking:
    1. Beoavia
    2. Ad Astra Forli 
    3. EUROAVIA Zagreb


  • Participants: 17 teams
  • Team winner: Rocket Buddies

  • Final ranking:
    1. Rocket Buddies, from the University of Beira Interior, Portugal
    2. ESE Team from the University of Pisa, Italy
    3. Beoavia from the University of Belgrade, Serbia
    4. Neptunus from the University of Bologna, Italy

Edition cencelled due to COVID

  • Partecipants: 50 teams
  • Final in Patras, Greece from 7th to 12th of July 2019 
  • Team winner: CheroAvias UBlanas

  • 5 finalist teams: Beoavia, IST Aeros, Ad Astra Forli, CheroAvias UBlanas, Don’t Panic!